DVR drafting

We take care of the drafting of the Risk Assessment Document for your company



The service

Our engineers assist the Employer in the development of the document, including with reference to the necessary specific appendices.
It is a document that outlines the actions to be implemented to eliminate or reduce the risks and hazards present within workplaces, workers and third parties who access them (see Prosecutor Raffaele Guariniello).
In fact, each company has its own set of risks that depend on the type of processing, number of employees, space layout, and many other factors.

Our DVR drafting process consists of:

  • Company inspection by qualified technician
  • Identification of the risks present and their assessment
  • Designing interventions to reduce or eliminate identified risks
  • Identification of professional figures under Legislative Decree 81/08 as guarantors of workers’ health and safety
  • Drafting the DVR
  • Assistance after delivery of DVR

If the risk is present, it is important to implement a thorough assessment of the following risks:

  • Manual Handling of Loads Risk Assessment Document(DVR MMC)
  • Mechanical Vibration Exposure Risk Assessment Document(DVR Vibration)
  • Noise Exposure Risk Assessment Document(Noise DVR)
  • Related Work Stress Risk Assessment Document(Stress DVR)
  • Risk Assessment Document for Exposure to Hazardous Chemical Agents and Carcinogens and Mutagens(Chemical DVR)
  • Work Equipment Risk Assessment Document(Equipment DVR)