Appointment of the competent physician

Occupational medicine in Milan and Monza



The service

The studios are in Milan (Washington area) and Lissone.

We coordinate a network of doctors in major Italian provinces. We collaborate with competent and licensed physicians and make their professionalism available to all those companies that need to appoint the competent physician and activate health surveillance.
You can check whether a competent physician is licensed by searching the ministry portal at this link.

When to appoint the occupational physician?

For example, when workers use VDT for twenty or more hours per week, when they are exposed to chemicals hazardous to health, asbestos or noise, to carcinogens and biological agents, to X-rays and radioactive substances, to artificial optical radiation, to ultraviolet and infrared radiation, to vibration, or when subjected to manual handling of loads. These are just some of the cases provided by Law.
The obligation of a medical examination for an employee is envisaged when he carries out a job that involves risks and for which it is necessary that he be subjected to health surveillance. In the event that the employee refuses to submit to the check, the suitability judgment cannot be formulated and therefore he will not be able to carry out the work assigned to him in the company.

Occupational physicians perform the following activities:

  • They carry out periodic inspections to learn about the work environments, the substances used and the hazards present there, with special attention to the various types of specific risks (chemical, physical, radiological, biological) including those related to the use of video display equipment.
  • Carry out Health Surveillance of workers “exposed” to work hazards.
  • They express the judgment of specific suitability for the task
  • They cooperate with the Prevention and Protection Service in constantly updating the Risk Assessment Document.
  • They cooperate with the employer and the prevention and protection service in the activities of training and informing workers about the risks present in the company.