Verification of electrical systems

Periodic inspections and maintenance of the electrical system



The service

Aequor is a national leader in the Verification of Grounding Systems, operating for more than 10 years in the Radio industry and counting among its clients the major national networks.

According to the current regulations (Presidential Decree 462/01), “the employer is required to carry out regular maintenance of the electrical system, as well as have it periodically inspected every five years, with the exception of those installed in construction sites, premises used for medical purposes and environments at greater risk in case of fire, for which the periodicity is every two years.”
Whether it is a facility in a home or a business, the key thing to keep in check at all times is the safety of those who work or live there. It is necessary to have periodic audits of electrical systems that attest to their effective safety, as well as maintenance of them on a scheduled basis. This is not only a good practice, in work settings it is in effect a legal requirement.

For “Verification of grounding systems,” visual examinations include checking the presence and proper calibration of disconnection and protection devices, the condition of joints on the grounding system, the suitability of connections and the cross-sections of protective and equipotential conductors. Instead, instrumental verifications take the form of a series of continuity tests of grounding, protective and equipotential conductors, measurements of ground resistance, and verifications of the proper operation of earth leakage circuit breakers.