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Emergency responder training – First Aid A

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Francesco Buongiorno
Francesco Buongiorno
10:50 11 Apr 24
Nice course. Very educational practical activity! Thank you
Alice Savassi
Alice Savassi
16:22 27 Mar 24
Elton Dedaj
Elton Dedaj
18:24 26 Mar 24
Excellent course
Giovanni Pane
Giovanni Pane
11:53 21 Mar 24
Well organized and well conducted course, Alice Salducco was very good
carlos dorio
carlos dorio
12:01 20 Mar 24
tullia ruggeri
tullia ruggeri
12:01 20 Mar 24
Giulio Piotti
Giulio Piotti
09:34 09 Mar 24
Completed first aid course with Dr. Francesco and Dr. Alberto, their competence and professionalism was impeccable.... Having the opportunity to address certain issues with two professionals who, like them, strongly believe in what they do has allowed me to become passionate about every single step of the course. Thank you!read more
Savina Aliaj
Savina Aliaj
15:32 07 Mar 24
I followed the first aid course organized in the company with Alberto and Federico, intensive care nurse and doctor... respectively.I am extremely satisfied with the notions learned which are very valuable.I appreciate the awareness and prevention work they carry out because they are people who love their work and put themselves on the front line to save our lives.The most important thing I take with me is that we can all make a difference in an emergency while waiting for help to arrive, by adopting the behaviors and instructions taught during the course.I really recommend everyone to take a first aid course because anyone can be in need and we can only hope that there is someone who knows what to do while waiting for help.Do it for yourselves, for those you love, for those in need, for civic sense and to all be a little more more
Francesco Chiaramonte
Francesco Chiaramonte
12:11 07 Mar 24
Trainers trained and kind, friendly but with the spirit of those who really want to teach and pass on to others the... right way to manage certain situations.They are professionals and you can see it, I thank you for all the teachings passed even with that pinch of irony that doesn't displease!read more
Gabriele Carimali
Gabriele Carimali
16:34 05 Mar 24
Marco Tonno
Marco Tonno
16:29 04 Mar 24
Very interesting course, clear and precise with many ideas taken from everyday life cases that make me proactive and... always attentive during the 8 hours of trainingread more
diana pisciotta
diana pisciotta
16:18 26 Jan 24
I attended this course in English at my school. The provider is really engaging and provides with useful and practical... real life situations that resonates with you even after the course.Strongly recommended!read more
matilde allena
matilde allena
16:17 26 Jan 24
I attended a first aid course in my school as a member of the emergency team. It was really interesting and usefull... because we did theorical and practical more
Ganga Priya Dasi
Ganga Priya Dasi
16:17 26 Jan 24
Was very informative and useful. We learnt many things and it was not boring
Alessia De Vita
Alessia De Vita
16:15 26 Jan 24
I have taken the first aid course in English and it was very informative. It was a long day but we learned a lot of... different things which are very useful. Thank you’read more
22:43 15 Jan 24
Domenico Bruno
Domenico Bruno
17:01 11 Jan 24
I did a really good level 2 safety training course! The trainer was able to explain all the material in a clear and... understandable way. I also used virtual reality for a practical test. I hope to do more courses with more
Mariano Ivanez
Mariano Ivanez
13:25 21 Dec 23
I took several firefighting, supervisory and high risk courses, both in person (16 November '23) and webinars (30... November '23 + 14-21 December '23) and I must say that the courses were carried out with the utmost professionalism . The trainers (all) proved to be very competent and available to more
Francesca Casale
Francesca Casale
13:50 20 Oct 23
Admitting and not granting that the duration of the course was quite long, I must say that the arguments are truly many... and, above all, the list of competent figures in the corporate sector... too many. Having said that, I thank the Aequor team for their preparation and professionalism. Francescaread more
Luca Bramati
Luca Bramati
14:01 24 May 23
Top performer trainer! Very kind, technical and skilled
arezoo faraji
arezoo faraji
15:56 09 Apr 22
Thanks to the educator, hoping natural disasters never happens to anyone,but it’s nice to just have an idea ????
Saara Hasangi
Saara Hasangi
15:55 09 Apr 22
It was a great and fun experience. You will surely start looking at your environment from a different angle after the... more
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  • During the course, the participant will have the opportunity to conduct practical exercises and simulations;
  • Course with important practical implications for daily life as well;
  • Use of the best manikins on the market (adult manikin and newborn manikin for practicing de-construction techniques);
  • Interactive dummies for individual and group simulations: gamification activities and App-based competitions;
  • Demonstration on the use of the AED


Our Multipurpose Center in Monza is located in the industrial area, with ample parking available. A large space dedicated to training, heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer with an air exchange and sanitization system.
The Center allows trainees practical training and instruction with modern, high-quality equipment.

We are present in Milan with two locations: in Via Arena 25 a few steps from Darsena and the green line M2 stops of Sant’Agostino and Sant’Ambrogio, and in Via Fauché 1 a few steps from the M5 metro line, Gerusalemme stop.
The two locations are easily accessible for those who prefer to travel by public transportation. Classrooms are equipped with equipment and tools to make training highly interactive.

The distance learning course is conducted by the instructor on the Zoom platform, live, within a virtual classroom.
You do not need to have any technical skills to participate; we will send you all the useful instructions for step-by-step access to the course.
To participate, it is mandatory to have:

  • Computer with webcam or smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • Headphones with microphone

Ministerial Decree of July 15, 2003, no. 388 – Regulations containing provisions on company first aid, implementing Article 15, paragraph 3, of Legislative Decree September 19, 1994, no. 626, as amended.


Alerting the rescue system

(a) Causes and circumstances of the accident (location of the accident, number of people involved, status of the injured, etc.).
(b) communicate the above information clearly and accurately to the Emergency Health Care Services.

Recognizing a health emergency

1) Scene of the injury
(a) collection of information
(b) prediction of obvious and likely hazards
2) Assessment of the psychophysical condition of the injured worker:
(a) vital functions (pulse, blood pressure, breathing)
(b) state of consciousness
(c) hypothermia and hyperthermia
3) Elementary notions of anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
4) Self-protection techniques of rescue personnel.

Implement first aid interventions

1) Sustaining vital functions:
(a) positioning of the casualty and maneuvers for patency of the first airway
(b) artificial respiration,
(c) external cardiac massage

2) Recognition and limits of first aid intervention.
(a) lipotimia, syncope, shock
(b) acute pulmonary edema
(c) asthmatic crisis
(d) acute stenocardial pain.
(e) allergic reactions
(f) convulsive seizures
(g) Post-traumatic external hemorrhage and hemorrhagic tamponade.

Know the specific risks of the activity performed

Acquire knowledge

1) Hints of skeletal anatomy.
2) Dislocations, fractures and complications:
3) Cranio-brain and spine trauma and injuries.
4) Thoraco-abdominal trauma and injuries.

Acquire general knowledge about specific pathologies in the work environment
1) Cold and heat injuries.
2) Electric current injuries.
3) Injuries from chemical agents.
4) Intoxication.
5) Tear contusion wounds.
6) External hemorrhage

Acquire practical intervention skills
1) Communication techniques with the NHS emergency system.
2) First aid techniques in acute brain syndromes.
3) First aid techniques in acute respiratory failure syndrome.
4) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques.
5) Hemorrhagic tamponade techniques.
6) Techniques for lifting, moving and transporting the traumatized person.
7) First aid techniques in cases of accidental exposure to chemical and biological agents.

The First Aid Group A course has a duration of 16 hours. It consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. At the end of the training, there will be an evaluation test on the topics covered in class. Upon passing the test, a certificate will be issued within 24h after the end of the course.

The regulations require updating every 3 years.

Is it possible to purchase the course by bank transfer?
Through e-commerce it is not possible to pay by bank transfer. For special needs you can write to or call us on 02 58 11 48 47.

Is it possible to conduct the Group A First Aid course entirely at a distance?
No, it is not possible. Courses involving training cannot be conducted entirely at a distance.